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Host Nat Coombs has been anchoring NFL coverage on TV & Radio in the UK for the last 15 years.

For his year round NFL podcast, he’s joined by an All-Pro crew of expert voices from both sides of the pond, getting you up to speed on all the latest news & key stories from around the league. Whether you’re a veteran NFL fan or brand new to the sport, everyone’s welcome! American Football, British Accent. 

mike & Nat’s review

Longtime partners in crime, Nat and Mike look back over the past week’s slate of games, dissecting the key headlines in depth. 

On deck: A weekly rant about officials (thanks Mike), a tangent deep into the history of the game (thanks Mike!), notes on schemes and coaching, and forecasts for the playoff and MVP races.

And, if Mike hasn’t answered them all on Twitter, expect to dive into Mike’s mailbag, where the big man answers all manner of NFL-related trivia sent in by listeners.

NFL podcast uk

Edge Rush

Nat is joined each week by Prop O to plot their betting picks for the week ahead.

No over under, spread or money line is safe from these degenerates. Nat and Ollie pick their ‘Drew Locks’ of the week (their favourite bets), a ‘Heinecke’ acca (their favourite accumulator) and Prop O’s prop bets of the week.

College Daze

Throughout the year, Nat and Ben join forces to discuss the best of NCAA football: Which college stars are NFL-bound? Who’s competing at the top of the rankings and in the key college bowl games? Who’s winning the Heisman trophy?

Expect a ramp up around draft time as Ben picks his favourites and the guys play ‘Rookie Roulette’.


Nat flexes the rolodex each week, with guests including the likes of former Steelers Tight End Christian Scotland-Williamson, former Patriots Running Back Shane Vereen and former Bills coach Phoebe Schecter, to provide game-by-game previews and analysis, plus a run through of the Monday night game.

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Mailbag Extravaganza Special Plus SpaceBall With ‘Iron’ Mike

Mailbag Extravaganza Special Plus SpaceBall With ‘Iron’ Mike

The boys are back and they have a boatload of Hickory's Smokehouse Mailbag questions to get through! Over an hour of NFL chat brought to you by Nat and 'Iron' Mike featuring overhyped teams, sleeper picks, late-round steals, and plenty more including Mike's much-anticipated SpaceBall team! Check out the episode BELOW!